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How do we connect with each other by simply listening to and sensing our spine? How do we create a neutral and non-invasive space to get connected?


Explore the spine through which we can move and feel in relation to one another. Look at an image of the spine without delving into its detailed structure. Engage in a meditative exercise where you visualise and sense your own spine, and listen to the external environment through various parts of your spine. For example, Explore what it feels like to listen to the outer world through your sacrum.


Take some time to express your thoughts and feelings about the spine through writing, drawing, or any other form of expression. Continue to explore movement through partnering work in groups of two and three.


In pairs, one person moves and feels from their spine. The other follows and receives the movements by placing their hands on their partner's back/spine while staying attuned to their own spine.


Explore another idea in which you and your partner hold hands and play with moving close to and away from each other's spines and bodies. Imagine it's like a 'tango dance of spine'.


Finish by listening to and feeling the spine through touch and stillness. In groups of two, one person lies down comfortably and pays attention to their own spine. The other supports their partner by bringing awareness to their spine while touching their partner's shoulder.

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