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Great to be able to play and have a sense of freedom.


It doesn't only listen to the external sound but also listens to the internal sound.


Look at some images of the anatomy of the ear, eye, skull…


Through embodied awareness exercise, we feel our front body and back body in relation to the space around us. Bringing awareness to the ear – listening to the sound from the external environment and listening to the internal space of the body. Feeling the eyes and resting the information on the back of the head which is the visual cortex. We feel our breathing in response to what we see and hear.


Explore movement from different ideas such as movement initiated from the eyes following the hands or the hand following the eyes. Use our eyes to explore our body landscape and bring awareness to the space around us, mirroring other’s movements. We are open to any information that comes to our senses.

We listen to a song named In the air by Laurie Anderson while using the colour pencils to create the rhythm of lines responding to what we listen.


We each lie down on the floor, rest and just receive the information – sound, smell, taste - stimulated by others. Something like ASMR.

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