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Class begins with the idea of the body as a container holding its contents. 


We each hold a cup of water and feel the water inside the cup. While holding the cup we feel the movement of our joints of the shoulder, elbows, wrists and fingers. Moving the cup close to the body and away from the body. 


Feel the body and space from the midline of the body — open the arms and close the arms while feeling the expansion and contraction of the space from the midline. What does it feel like to open or to close? What does it mean to open or to close? 


Explore the movement of the body in the horizontal plane, and how to use the earth/floor to massage our body. Moving like a pre-vertebra animal like the worm. Continue to crawl and move like vertebra animals – dog, fox, cat...


Travel in the space and use the body as a means to navigate.


Find a way to stand up on the feet and explore different joints – shoulder joints, elbows, knees, and hip joints.


Pair up and explore the movement from different joints through interaction.

Explore holding a cup of water and jiggling the water inside the cup and also finding resonance in your own body of water.


Jiggling each other’s body - jiggling the joints. Explore the movement initiated by jiggling - jiggling from the whole body or part of the body - from within our body to others.

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