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In response to the current physical restraints of quarantine and social-distancing, Chung Nguyen and sound artist Julia Santoli embark on an exploration of imagining the dream-like space between waking reality and dream consciousness, dreamer and dream, lines and vocal/sound, and a sense of shared ‘reality’. 


How could we communicate with each other through sleep/dream states and what kind of space would that be? How would the mind and consciousness manifest themselves to transcend our physical experience?


Bardo is a video work as part of Collective Consciousness | Collective Dreams; an ongoing research project and choreographic practice conceived by Chung Nguyen.


Bardo has been presented online at Live Dreams: Transcend, curated by Choy Ka Fai, as part of LIVEWORKS Festival of Experimental Art 2021 (Australia), and Re:Live Performance Lab Shifting Roots, curated by Kathie Halfin at Satellite Art Club (Brooklyn, USA).

Images taken at Re:Live Performance Lab "Shifting Roots" (Brooklyn, NY). 

Photographed by DOOLL CHAO

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