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Chung Nguyn

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Space, intentionality and therapeutic practice 

As I shift toward becoming a BCST practitioner, I'm fascinated by the concepts of intentionality and space. To ease into the practice without the financial pressure of renting a clinic room, I'm exploring the possibility of transforming a part of my home into a nurturing space for your healing journey.

After the pandemic, working from home became common. However, in a therapeutic setting like BCST, how does it feel for you, as the client, when you visit my home clinic? How can I, as the therapist, establish a neutral, safe, and relaxing space for you?

Creating a neutral therapeutic space involves more than just a beautiful room or practitioner's skills; it's about the intentional relationship between the practitioner and the environment they provide for the client.


What I'm about to share below are the key elements that I dedicate to establishing a neutral space before your arrival, and I believe it significantly enhances your experience.

Clearing the space

I’m very attentive to the details of the space, keeping furniture minimal and well-arranged in the room. The sense of smell is crucial to our experience. So, before your arrival, I normally light incense near the front door an hour beforehand, allowing outside air to flow in, clearing the space and creating a neutral atmosphere.

The treatment table

Preparing the treatment table is also an important part, and it should be done before your arrival. I like to use calming colours like navy blue and grey for the sheets and blanket, bringing about a sense of calmness, an oceanic vibe, and spaciousness.

Natural environment

Being close to trees and plants often makes us feel grounded and nurtured. Mindful of this, I like to have a few plants in the room to bring a sense of nature to you. Just beyond the clinic lies the expansive and beautiful Carlton Gardens. How does it feel to imagine taking a walk through the park before or after your healing session?

Space, body and therapeutic relationship

Connecting my body-mind with the space and treatment table is crucial, shaping the space's intention for a neutral therapeutic experience. I dedicate time to establish this through somatic movement and body awareness exercises, setting a calming tone upon your arrival.

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