Dream consciousness is waking consciousness without physical constraints. Waking consciousness is dream consciousness with physical constraint - Stephen LaBerge

Inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist practice of dream yoga and the Western psychological construct of lucid dreaming, Collective Consciousness | Collective Dreams (CCCD) is an open ended research project and practice conceived by Chung Nguyen.

The Vietnamese title of this project is Nằm-Mơ-Tỉnh, which means resting, dreaming and awakening.


CCCD seeks to develop understanding of the mechanisms of dreaming and consciousness, through contemplative practices, and in creative process. It aims to explore not only the relationship between dreamer and dream, waking reality and sleep/dream experience, and body and mind, but also the substrate consciousness (Sanskrit: alaya vijnana; the relative ground state of one individual mind-stream,  from which mental activities emerge and into which they dissolve, life to life).

Throughout the process, one’s subjective experience during the (night) sleep, can be manifested or translated into different forms such as text, doodle/lines, vocal/sound, movement, video and so on. These materials are then collected and contemplated upon waking. Ultimately, they could be stored as a digital archive of dream bodies.

dream bodies