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Chung Nguyn

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Cultivating resources

Through the treatment process of BCST, I've learned that deep healing is unattainable if a client's body and mind lack resources. The initial step in supporting their healing journey is helping them cultivate and recognise resources not only during treatment but also in their daily life activities.


So, what do "resources" mean?


Resources can simply be anything that supports your well-being, helping you feel safe, nurtured, and relaxed, which you can draw upon when facing stress or overwhelming circumstances. Imagine having a magic bag filled with tools readily available for you to access in any circumstance.


Typically, resources fall into two categories: external and internal.

External resources can include:

  • Natural environments where you often find relaxation, safety, and nurture.

  • People you feel deeply connected to and can freely share and talk with.

  • Activities that bring you joy and foster community connection, such as dance, movement classes, yoga, or a walk in the park.

Internal resources may involve:

  • Bodily sensations manifest a state of relaxation and safety. What kind of sensation quality do you experience?

  • States of mind.

  • Body awareness.

First, I'd like you to prepare sheets of paper and a pen so that you can later jot down all of your external resources. Now, get comfortable and scan the room or space you're in. Are you sitting with proper back support? Is there any part of the room that draws your attention? Focus on your breathing and take time to let your mind and thoughts slow down.

Gently inquire within yourself: what external resources resonate and support you in your life? Sit with this for a while, then list all of the external resources.


Now, shift your inquiry to your inner resources. How is your breathing at the moment? Is it shallow, deep, or neutral? Can you, through your awareness, breathe into different parts of the body, such as the lungs, heart, and belly?


Can you sense any tension in your body? If yes, where is it located? Can you notice any other parts that feel neutral or relaxed?


Jot down any sensations or felt senses that you can easily access, signalling that you feel relaxed, centred, and comfortable.


Now you have already built up a bag filled with resources. Next time you encounter a challenging circumstance, try drawing upon it to support yourself.

As a biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, I have skills in body awareness, presence, and touch that can help you cultivate the resources needed for your healing journey.

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