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curriculum vitae

                        career history


2017 - present   
Choreographer | Performer | Movement Educator

2015 - 2016          
Dancer at Cinevox Junior Company (Switzerland)

2014 - 2015           
Dancer at T.H.E Dance Company (Singapore)

2009 - 2013           
Dancer at Arabesque Dance Company (Vietnam) 


Korean Dance Association Award

Korea International Modern Dance Competition (Korea)

       collaborations | performances


What is the point if we don't share a good dream together, right?

A process-based performance, choreographed by Chung Nguyen, dancers: Nur Rifzky Hidayat, Angel Rahmana Putra, Fazri Arif Sahputra, Suci Nur Alif, Dhea Two Hesty, Dewi Safitri, Silvy Harika. West Sumatera Dance Festival, Padangpanjang, Indonesia.

AM/FM Therapy

A collaborative work by Chung Nguyen (Vietnam), Pakhamon Much Hemachandra (Thailand), and Annamaria Ajmone (Italy). Sound/Music by Julia Santoli (USA). Curated by Anthea Seah (Singapore/USA). Grey Space Residency organised by Cont-act Contemporary Dance Festival, with a development residency ARTEFACT#5 supported by Dance Nucleus (Singapore).



Another Lie, Another Delusion hoặc Lại Một Sự Dối Trá Khác

(Online + on-site screening) A video artwork created by Chung Nguyen, inspired by the short story IT’S ALL LIES. IT’S ALL DELUSIONAL by writer/visual artist Nguyễn Thúy Hằng.


Bardo, in collaboration with Julia Santoli

A video work presented/screened online at Live Dreams: Transcend, curated by Choy Ka Fai, LIVEWORKS FESTIVAL OF EXPERIMENTAL ART  (Sydney, Australia), & Re: Live Performance Lab “Shifting Roots”, curated by Kathie Halfin (Brooklyn, USA)

2019 - 2020 

Grr Grr Graoz (Choreographed: Chung Nguyen, co-created & performed: Nguyên Nguyễn) 

at Open Stage, organized by Arabesque Dance Company (HCMC, Vietnam)

Canary in the coal mine (tạm dịch: "hoàng yến trong mỏ than")
at Ether: The Rebirth; Time Between project, supported by Goethe Institut HCMC and Quoc Thao Theatre (HCMC, Vietnam)

The Sacka series of performances
at No Cai Bum Art Week 2020 (Hue, Vietnam) | Performance Plus 2019; Mot+++ (HCMC, Vietnam) | Para\\el Performance Space (2019); curated by Leili Huzaibah (Brooklyn, USA) | American Dance Festival (2019); The International Choreographers Residency (Durham, USA)


The Live[ing] room                             
at Performance Plus; A.Farm (HCMC, Vietnam)

The Talk (as a performer)
A dance video installation, in collaboration with fashion designer Cong Tri Nguyen, choreographed by Thanh Phuong Ngo (HCMC, Vietnam)

Inside Out (as a performer)
A performative exhibition choreographed by Isabelle Schad (Malaysia)

While in RD (in collaboration with Sherli Novalinda)
A site-specific work, Dancing in Place Project (Malaysia)

The Hooks: No.2
at Time Between Project: Ether, curated & produced: Quyen D.Pham & Nhung Walsh (HCMC, Vietnam)


Memento Mori (as a guest artist) 
A community project (Vietnam)

IMbalance (choreographed & performed: Chung Nguyễn, Chinh Khanh, Tieu Thinh) at Wintercearig Project, director: Tricia Nguyen (HCMC, Vietnam)

The Hooks: No.1
at Daegu International Dance Festival (Daegu, Korea) | Open Stage (HCMC, Vietnam)

Is There (in collaboration with Boram Jun, sound composer: Tine Surel Lange) at M1 Off Stage (Singapore)

Invisible Flow (in collaboration with Thuan Huu Nguyen, sound artist: Sto Len) at Krossing Over Arts Festival (HCMC, Vietnam)


Is There (in collaboration with Boram Jun, sound composer: Tine Surel Lange) at Korea National Theater (S.Korea) - part of Deep in The Mountains Residency

Reallusion (a collaborative work by Chung Nguyen, Phuong Thanh Ngo, Thuan Huu Nguyen, Thuy Van, sound artist: Dao Duy Tung, lighting: Duong Quoc Khoa)

Interactive to sculptural work by visual artist Ly Hoang Ly, The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, (HCMC, Vietnam)

A Trip Of
at M1 Open Stage (Singapore)


A Trip Of
at Open Stage, Tanz Lobby Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)


Sleep Walker (in collaboration with Thuy Van)
at Saigon Ranger & Sao La (HCMC, Vietnam)


2024 - present

Exercise Research Australia (Melbourne)
Certificate IV Allied Health Assistant


2022 - 2023

Body Intelligence Training (Melbourne, Australia)

Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

2002 - 2009 

Viet Nam Academy of Dance (Vietnam)

Intermediate Professional Education Diploma (Dance)


                                        professional development 


Somatic Movement Education ProgramPrimitive Reflexes, Righting Reactions & Equilibrium Responses

Olive Bieringa, Rebecca Haseltine, and Kim Sargent-Wishart
School for Body-Mind Centering® / Somatic Education Australasia 
Course, 42 hours

March 2023
Melbourne, Australia


Somatic Movement Education Program: Fluids Systems

Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstad, Kim Sargent-Wishart

School for Body-Mind Centering® / Somatic Education Australasia

Course, 49 hours

October 2022

Melbourne, Australia

Certificate Programme for Critical Practice in Contemporary Performance (CP)3

Dance Nucleus in collaboration with Lasalle College of the Arts

Online, Apr - Aug 2021


Somatic Movement Education Program: Organ Systems

Olive Bieringa, Amy Matthews, and Mary Lou Seereiter

Somatic Education Australasia / School for Body-Mind Centering®

Course, 49 hours

Feb 2020

Melbourne, Australia

Somatic Movement Education Program: Basic Neurocellular Patterns

Olive Bieringa, Amy Matthews, and Mary Lou Seereiter

Somatic Education Australasia / School for Body-Mind Centering®

Course, 49 hours

Feb 2020–Mar 2020

Melbourne, Australia





Grey Space (a 3 year project starts 2021-2023; Cont-act Contemporary Dance Festival (Singapore)


(Online) Element #8: Not yet (still here) already gone, a reserach residency facilitated by Nikolaus Gansterer, organised by Dance Nucleus (Singapore)


(Online) Southeast Asia Choreographers Network (SEACN #3), Organized by Kelola Foundation, supported by Asian Cultural Council

Southeast Asia Choreographers Network (SEACN #2)- Platform/s; facilitated by Helly Minarti & Daniel Kok (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

The International Choreographers Residency, American Dance Festival | Supported by Asian Cultural Council, in partnership with Kelola Foundation (Durham, USA)


 Southeast Asia Chorelab, facilitated by Isabelle Schad | travel supported by Goethe Institut Ho Chi Minh City (Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia)


Deep in the mountains (Korea)

                   funds | grants



Asian Cultural Council (USA)

participated at The International Choreographers Residency, American Dance Festival (USA), and Southeast Asian Choreographers Network, Kelola Foundation (Indonesia).


Goethe Institut Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Travel grant


Prince Claus Fund (Netherlands)

Travel grant

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