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Le Thanh Theatre exists as a ‘living witnesses’ to many changes and evolutions that it has gone through across its lifespan. Until around 1975, it was a well-known cultural entertainment venue in Saigon - a space for live performance, theatre, and cinema. Later, it became the ‘home’ and ‘living space’ for a troupe of circus performers. More recently, it has been the working space and studio of Arabesque Dance Company. In this space, memories of the spirituality and life of the people who have attended, performed, lived, and worked here are held.

Performed in the context of Le Thanh Theatre, Grr Grr Graoz is the sound of expression or reaction. The performance aims to reimagine movements stored in my subconscious memory that have been influenced by popular culture and to explore these movements through the performer's body as a ‘medium’. These are ‘witnessed’  in the presence of the Theatre itself, and interwoven with the performer’s body sensations and vocal sounds as a means of interacting with the movements. 

How does popular culture influence on and/or shape our body (movement), consciousness, and aesthetics in the contemporary day? How do we embrace, transform and react to it?

Grr Grr Graoz

Choreographed by Chung Nguyen

Co-created and performed by Nguyen Ha Xuan Nguyen

At Open Stage organised by Arabesque Dance Company (2021)

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