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19.09 - 23.09.2022

West Sumatera Dance Festival (Indonesia), hosted by the Dance Study Program, Faculty of Performing Arts Indonesia Institut of Arts Padangpanjang.





AM/FM Therapy

A work-in-progress as part of Grey Space Residency organised by Cont-act Contemporary Dance Festival, with a development residency ARTEFACT#5 supported by Dance Nucleus (Singapore).

Concept & performance by Chung Nguyen (Vietnam), Pakhamon Much Hemachandra (Thailand), and Annamaria Ajmone (Italy). Sound/Music by Julia Santoli (USA). Curated by Anthea Seah (Singapore/USA).



Bardo (video work); Chung Nguyen in collaboration with sound artist Julia Santoli

at Live Dreams: Transcend, curated by Choy Ka Fai, Performance Space (Sydney, Australia) - Online.


17.06 - 27.06.2022

Grey Space (a-3 year project, 2021-2023), initiated by  Cont-act Contemporary Dance Festival, with a development residency ARTEFACT#5 supported by Dance Nucleus (Singapore).

  • Interview with Chung Nguyen, by Julia Santoli, Spectra Situs

My aim is to learn to be conscious through practice, not only in my waking states but in my dream state. Read more

  • Review of A Trip Of, at M1 Open Stage, Singapore, written by Ezekiel Oliveria, FineLines.

Nguyen Thanh Chung excites the audience from the outset, replacing his head with a green inflated balloon on the floor moving like a puppy. Read more

  • Review of Is There, at M1 Off Stage, Singapore, written by Bernice Lee, Art Equator.

Jun and Chung open the evening by wordlessly inviting audience members to place and arrange stones in a corner. Getting involved shifts us out of passivity immediately. The zen state suggested by their behaviour, the stones, and later on, the music, invites me to allow their dance to wash over me – one performance event settling into its place amongst others, like the stones. Read more

CIRCUIT#2 features digital artefacts by participants of the Certificate Programme for Critical Practice in Contemporary Performance, also known as [CP]3.

The first [CP]3 cohort consisted of 19 participants from 14 different cities: Albert Garcia (Macao), Anishaa Tavag (Bangalore), Anoushka Kurien (Chennai), Chung Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City), Er Gao (Guangzhou), Jaclyn Chong (Singapore), January Low (Kuala Lumpur), Jared Jonathan Luna (Manila), Josh Marcy (Jakarta), Konkarn Rungsawang (Bangkok), Megan Sin (Singapore), Norhaizad Adam (Singapore), Pat Toh (Singapore), Rhiannon Newton (Sydney), Sudhee Liao (Hong Kong), Syimah Sabtu (Singapore), Valerie Lim (Singapore), Wang Ning (Taipei) and Zhang Dianling (Guangzhou).

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