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Somatic Movement:

move. play. rest. learn

with Chung


Thursdays (weekly) 

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

(classes begins from 29 Jun - 14 Sep)


Green Monday Studios, Dance Room

73 Grattan St, Carlton

VIC, 3053


Class fees:

Full: $25/class

Concession/student: $15/class

SEA & BCST peers: free

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*Note: The last class of this series will be on 14 Sep.

Join me for weekly classes that interweave embodied awareness exercises, guided movement exploration, and relaxation through presence and touch. 

Class description

Each class will begin with an embodied awareness exercise, offering time and space for us to settle into our bodies, and calm the mind through breath and imagination.


We will then move into a guided movement/dance exploration, where we will listen, observe, play, and interact, to deepen our connection with ourselves and each other. 


Toward the end of class, we will gradually ease into a state of relaxation and integration with a focus on touch and presence. With guidance, we will practice attentively listening to our body while in contact with and being supported by others.


Develop self-awareness and mindfulness skills through movement and touch.

Cultivate well-being.

Play and connect with others in a relaxing and supportive environment.


This series is designed with a structure that aims to offer a unique experience and value in each class. Commitment to the whole series is recommended but not required.  Casual class bookings and all levels of experience are welcome. 

The studio (Dance Room) is on level 2 and is accessed via a flight of stairs. You're welcome to bring a yoga mat, blankets, and water.

Contact at for any questions or inquiries.

Book now 

To book a class, click on the 'Book now' button. Select the class fee option on the booking page, then choose the available date and pay. Upon completing the booking, you will receive a confirmation email. You can book as many classes as you want.

About Chung:

I'm a Vietnamese dance artist and performance maker with over 10 years of international experience. I'm a graduate of the Vietnam Dance Academy in Hanoi (Vietnam) and am currently pursuing additional qualifications in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (Body Intelligence Training) and Somatic Movement Education (Somatic Education Australasia).



Dance/movement practice has always been a vital part of my life. It's not only a means for me to express my creativity, but also a way of connecting with people, sharing experiences, and learning from others.


Since moving to Melbourne in 2022, I've also developed an increasing interest in the practice of movement and touch and the cultivation of presence as forms of self-careI'm amazed at how attentively listening to my body's sensations can result in a new way of feeling the external world, and how moving my body from a state of relaxation could bring out so much joy and fun.

I'm grateful for the valuable knowledge I've learned from my teachers and friends from different parts of the world and am delighted to share it with the community.

For further information about me, please refer to Biography.

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