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What is the point if we don't share a good dream together, right?

A performance-based process in which 8 dancers work intimately with each other to gain an understanding of what it means to touch and be touched through cultivating body awareness of the spine and skin and embodied breathing experience. Under the theme of collective dreams, they create a space to weave each other’s unforgettable dreams with their mother dialect and their imagination. How can the dream practice be a tool to seek emotional connection and empathy within a group? How can we hold a space for each other expressions?

Choreographer: Chung Nguyen

Dancers: Nur Rifzky Hidayat, Anjel Rahmana Putra, Fazri Arif Sahputra, Miftahul Maghfira, Suci Nur Alif, Dhea Two Hesty, Dewi Safitri, Silvy Harika.

at West Sumatera Dance Festival, Padangpanjang, Indonesia

Photos taken by Faryoxs

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