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  • Interact & Play at 7th No Borders project, organized by Unity Space (HCMC, Vietnam).

  • Interact & Play at Holding Common Ground: Pathways to Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, sponsored by Soul Music & Performing Arts, the Department of State and The Movement Kitchen (HCMC, Vietnam).

  • Interact & Play at Transient Creatures project (HCMC, Vietnam).

  • Body & Object at CAB (Hoi An, Vietnam).

  • Contact improvisation at Cai To Nho studio (HCMC, Vietnam).  

  • Movement Improvisation (Movement & Awareness) at Yoga Pod & Cai To Nho studio (HCMC, Vietnam).

  • The Dance of Organs at Cai To Nho studio (HCMC, Vietnam).

  • The Body as… a 2-week workshop for X Project at Draw studio (Hoi An, Vietnam)

  • The Quite Movement (Hanoi, Vietnam)

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