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Chung Nguyn

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Space, intentionality and therapeutic practice 

Creating a neutral therapeutic space involves more than just a beautiful room or practitioner's skills; it's about the intentional relationship between the practitioner and the environment they provide for the client. What I'm about to share below are the key elements that I dedicate to establishing a neutral space before your arrival, and I believe it significantly enhances your experience.

Cultivating resources

Through the treatment process of BCST, I've learned that deep healing is unattainable if a client's body and mind lack resources. The initial step in supporting their healing journey is helping them cultivate and recognise resources not only during treatment but also in their daily life activities. So, what do "resources" mean? Resources can simply be anything that supports your well-being, helping you feel safe, nurtured, and relaxed, which you can draw upon when facing stress or overwhelming circumstances. Imagine having a magic bag filled with tools readily available for you to access in any circumstance. Typically, resources fall into two categories: external and internal.

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