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photo by Lam Hieu Thuan

Chung Nguyen is a performance maker based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, whose practice integrates somatic movement/dance, and performance art to embody the holistic experience of body and mind. Chung’s works focus on the somatic awareness and sensations of the body concerning its living environment through the dynamic exploration of sound, movement and touch, time and space, and the interplay between the body and daily life objects. In 2021, Chung conceived Collective Consciousness | Collective Dreams (CCCD) - an ongoing research project and choreographic practice which emerges from the curiosity of lines manifested out of the meditative experiences of mind-body and sleep/dreaming experience.


Chung’s performances and cross-disciplinary collaborations have been presented across Asia-Pacific, Europe and America, including AM/FM Therapy (Grey Space, Cont-act Contemporary Dance Festival with a development residency ARTEFACT #5, supported by Dance Nucleus 2022, Singapore), Bardo (Live Dreams: Transcend, Liveworks Festival Of Experimental Art 2021, Sydney, Australia & Re: Live Performance Lab “Shifting Roots”, Brooklyn, USA), The Sack (No Cai Bum Art Week 2020, Vietnam | Performance Plus 2019; Mot+++, Vietnam | Para\\el Performance Space 2019, Brooklyn, USA | American Dance Festival 2019, The International Choreographers Residency, Durham, USA), The Hooks: No.2 (Time Between Project: Ether 2019, HCMC, Vietnam), A Trip Of (M1 Open Stage 2017, Singapore & Open Stage 2016, Tanz Lobby Zurich, Switzerland), to name just a few.


Over the past years, Chung has participated in artist-in residencies including Deep in the Mountains (South Korea), Southeast Asia Choreolab, (Malaysia), The International Choreographers Residency-American Dance Festival (Durham, USA), Southeast Asia Choreographers Network 2 & 3 (Indonesia and online), and Grey Space, Cont-act Contemporary Dance Festival (Singapore). Chung has also received grants supported by Asian Cultural Council, and travel grants supported by Prince Claus Fund and Goethe-Institut in Ho Chi Minh City.

Chung is a graduate of the Vietnam Dance Academy in Hanoi. Between 2009-2016, Chung worked as a dancer at Arabesque Dance Company (Vietnam), T.H.E Dance Company (Singapore), and Cinevox Junior Company (Switzerland), and in 2013 was awarded a special prize at the Korea International Modern Dance Competition. Chung completed the Certificate Programme for Critical Practice in Contemporary Performance ((CP)3) in 2021, organised by Dance Nucleus (Singapore), and is pursuing the Diploma of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy – Body Intelligence training (Australia).

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